Car Hire

Discover the pleasure of driving in style

Renting a car gives you great flexibility. You’re free to choose the duration, model and time of your rental.

Car sharing

Understanding car rental rules and policies

The car-sharing platform makes it easy to rent a city car, 4×4, station wagon or utility vehicle for your move.

  • A service that benefits both company and user.
  • Save on car-related expenses.
  • More ecological and rational use of vehicles.

Peace of mind guaranteed
Advantages of comprehensive insurance for your car rental

Comprehensive insurance covers damage to third parties, as well as damage to your vehicle. It’s the most comprehensive and protective formula.

Rental options

A wide range of rental vehicles

Sports cars

Maintain and protect your sports car to take full advantage of its looks and performance. Regularly check your sports car and replace damaged parts.

Commercial vehicles

Utility vehicles represent a major investment that you should make as profitable as possible. They are used to transport materials, goods, people or equipment.

Compact cars

The advantage of compact car rentals is that they are popular and offer a number of advantages. They’re environmentally friendly, economical, easy to park and maneuver.

Unforgettable journeys

Rent high-performance, comfortable vehicles

Rent the car of your dreams by defining your budget and choosing the type of car best suited to your needs. If you want to rent a comfortable, high-performance luxury car, you have to pay the price.


Long-term leasing

Long-term leasing is a flexible, cost-effective way of benefiting from a vehicle without worrying about resale, insurance or maintenance.


Special event rentals

You can rent a limousine, luxury car or minibus for a wedding, business trip, anniversary or romantic getaway.


Daily rentals

Whether it’s a romantic weekend away or a trip with friends, you can rent a car by the day online or by phone.

Worry-free travel

The convenience of rental vehicles for your travels

Great flexibility

Flexibility allows you to rent a car without complication or constraint. You’re free to choose the car model, rental period, options…

Widely accessible

Several criteria make car rental widely accessible. This fast-growing service offers you a wide choice of options and vehicles.

Superior comfort

For freedom of movement, choose a spacious, comfortable and well-equipped car. Superior comfort makes your journeys safe, pleasant and relaxing.